What our clients say

“Pilates has been a very big part of my life for the last 6 years. Not only have you shown the importance and benefits of fitness, but also your kind heart. Pilates quickly became a lifeline for me. The people that have been in my classes have meant so much in ways that I can not explain. Our class is fun, lighthearted, unique and in an atmosphere of respect. You brought a lot of us out of our shell, gave us a purpose, believed in us and gave us a better model of life. You were always present. You show me what integrity and character mean.”   –Donna B.


field of small purple flowers“I started taking Pilates with Travis almost 4 years ago, shortly after the birth of my son, and am thrilled at how these seemingly gentle, yet effective exercises have changed how I look and feel! I love the positive and encouraging atmosphere of the classes and look forward to going every week. The modifications given in class have allowed me to greatly improve my strength and ability and make Pilates suitable for a person of any fitness level. I have finally found a form of exercise that I truly love and look forward to incorporating as a part of the rest of my life!”   –Tina T.


“The Calgary Zoo embarked on a staff wellness program 3 years ago and one of the components was Travis Thibeault’s travelling Pilates class. We were overjoyed! Not only did the interested staff have the opportunity to engage in excellent, safe and invigorating exercise, but at a time that fit into their busy lifestyles.”    –Trish E.


chives in farmers field“I have been going to Travis’ Pilates classes for several years and I still look forward of them. I’ve taken part in other Pilates classes but they don’t compare. I always feel more invigorated and cheerful after his class. He fosters a great sense of camaraderie amongst the participants. Any aches or pains I have when I arrive are usually gone by the time the class is over. Travis is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the latest information and techniques.”    –Wendy M.


“I enjoy combining the mat classes with the semi-private reformer. It’s a good challenge.”   –Charlotte W.


yellow flower on white background“I have been taking private group classes through Travis and Pure Pilates inc. for over a year now. Travis provides a great variety in his routines that he presents to us, giving us a challenge and supporting us thru the exercises. He provides hands on experience for new participants and encourages all class members to push themselves and gives challenging versions of all exercises for more advanced students. He is a great instructor and I look forward to his classes every Monday.”   –Tanya K.


“Pure Pilates inc. has changed me – for the better. I started when I was almost 300 lbs. and couldn’t even see my feet, forget ‘flexibility’. Lifestyle changes combined with Travis’ gentle but expert teaching got me moving again. Pure Pilates inc. gave me my life back! Now I can not only see my feet, I can reach them as well!”   –Tammy B.


“Travis is an excellent instructor. He is always working with us so we can get the most out of our workouts.”   –Charles M.


field of white dasies muted“Travis Thibeault, founder of Pure Pilates inc., has been leading a weekly Pilates class at my work since 2006. I have been a participant in his class since then and I thoroughly enjoy it. Travis is excellent at describing the Pilates exercises and provides one-on-one suggestions as appropriate. He varies the exercise routines each week and focuses on different muscle groups. He readily adapts the routines to accommodate the space constraints that we sometimes face. He is extremely proficient himself and pursues advanced Pilates training. Travis is very friendly and positive. I would not hesitate in recommending him as a Pilates instructor for a larger class or as an instructor at his Pure Pilates inc. studio using Pilates equipment. I hope to continue taking his classes for a long time.”   –Jutta S.


“Thank you so much for your classes and your kind gentle personality.”   –Deonne S.


sunrise leaves yellow and purple“I really appreciate your dedication to the Pilates practice. It’s rare to find a quality instructor without the ego.”   –Sandra K.


“Thank you for introducing me to Pilates. It is now my favorite form of exercise.” –Denise M.


“Pilates has helped me become stronger and healthier over these several years. It is a pleasure learning from you – I always have fun!”   –Donna C.


“You’re a great instructor! Keep up the good work!!”   –Pat M.


grass“Pilates has made my life better. I’ve never enjoyed exercise until I started your classes. I feel like a different person. It’s nice to know someone who gets the nuances of life. I feel like you are a kindred spirit. You cheer me up when I come to class cranky. Somehow you always know how to make the soreness at the beginning of the class better by the end of the class.”   –Kelley D.


“Pilates has been such a blessing to have in my life. Our classes together were such wonderful sustenance for both my body and soul. You’ve really made an enormous positive difference!”   –Claudia B.


“Your classes inspire me. I appreciate your friendship. Thank you!”   –Mary Ann G.


cut flowers in bottle on table“Your openness, honesty and empathy are traits that keep me coming back. Your spiritual approach – real love! I feel it every class. All this quite apart from (or in addition to) your dedication to improvement, depth of knowledge and real professionalism aside. A great sense of humour too!”   –Betty W.