Pure Pilates Inc. has enjoyed serving clients in Calgary, Alberta since 2006. It is our privilege to offer our services to adults of all ages and physical abilities. We provide private, semi-private and group classes in Pilates mat, reformer and all apparatus. Onsite mat classes are also available.

Our Mission is to create an authentic, fun, friendly and most of all safe Pilates experience for all. Our brand is committed to maintaining the integrity, high standards, excellence and expertise in the Pilates Method as developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

We are dedicated to promoting better strength, flexibility and balance through functional movement using the Pilates Method. The goal of Pilates training is to improve the quality of our lives from the inside out – how we move, breathe and experience life. We focus on strengthening muscles through stretching and control. Based on integration, this method combines our minds, bodies and spirits to help create balance in all aspects of our lives.

As Pilates was developed for people of all fitness levels, our instruction provides for modifications that best suit your abilities. This instructional style truly allows you to experience movement and express yourself in your own unique way and within your own individual capabilities. You will gain better body awareness which helps to enhance your everyday life and increase your strength, flexibility and balance. This exercise discipline has helped change countless lives for the better and it can help improve yours too!

We would love to help you learn and grow with the Pilates Method, helping to empower you to realize your own unique and full fitness potential. Movement Heals, come move and heal with us!

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