At Pure Pilates Inc. it is our privilege to offer an array of instruction for sessions in Pilates Mat, Standing, Reformer * and All Apparatus Work.

Mat Pilates – Foundation – Fundamentals – Multi Levels
A combination of classical and modified mat exercises. Classes are 60 minutes.
Classes offered in studio and off site.

Introduction to the ReformerOrientation and Assessment
Four 60 minute private sessions recommended before joining a group reformer class. Includes assessment and personalized reformer exercise plan designed to help you reach your goals and experience the benefits of Pilates.

Private Reformer
Each 60 minute private reformer session provides individualized one-on-one personal training customized to address your specific needs and goals.
Flexible booking times available to fit your busy schedule.

Semi-private reformer
Designed for 2 compatible people with similar fitness levels. Ideal for couples or friends who like to work out together.
Sessions are 60 minutes and can be arranged to fit both your schedules.

Group Reformer
The most cost effective 60 minute reformer workout option. Bring 2 friends and create your own group of 3 or 4  or join an existing session and meet new people.
Maximum group size – 4 people.

All Apparatus
These 60 minute mixed apparatus sessions provide variety by incorporating the use of the Pilates Cadillac, ladder barrel, chair and tower in addition to the reformer.
Experience all that Pilates has to offer.

Check the schedule for class dates and times or Call to book a private, semi-private or small group session.

* The Pilates Reformer is the primary piece of core conditioning equipment used in Pilates. It is considered the Heartbeat of Pilates. It uses attachments for resistance in a variety of exercises. The attachments ensure that muscles are being worked properly by adding more resistance at the muscle’s strongest point of contraction and less resistance on the completion of contraction.

The Reformer also enhances strength and flexibility by emphasizing lengthening of the muscles throughout the exercises which more effectively addresses muscular imbalances. See the gallery for pictures of the equipment.


  • In Studio 1 Hour ( Mat, Reformer, All Apparatus)
  • Private Session for 1: $80
  • Semi-Private for 2:  $55 per person
  • Small Group Session for 3-4:  $35 per person
  • Mat Classes: $22 per class
  • Online (Zoom) Classes: $19 per class
  • On-site Classes: call for quote

Prices do not include GST.  Fees are non-transferable and non refundable.

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